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Santo Gold Performer is making a huge comeback with his two 2011 Blood Circus Wrestling Commotion Pictures tm. 
Blood Circus 1 Wrestling Movie (2011 (re-edit)
Blood Circus 2 Wrestling Movie (2011 (re-edit)
One day, unannounced, nor publicized, two tractors and trailers full of motion picture equipment secretly rolled into downtown Baltimore and unloaded millions of dollars worth of the 35mm motion picture equipment in the 14,000 seat Areana to film the most bazaar Wrestling motion pictures ever made. Titled Santo Gold's Blood Circus, 1 and 2.
Blood Circus 1, in addition to lots of Thunder vision bang slam Wrestling prepares you for Blood Circus 2 and also includes exclusive Bonus footage of setting up "The Special modified Golden Santo Gold Wrestling Ring", plus the 9 remote motion picture cameras, etc. Blood Circus Features a 40 piece orchestra, male break dancers, female dancers, singers, cyclist, and lots and lots of the most bazaar Wrestling that you have ever seen. Santo Gold's Blood Circus 1 movie precursors and explains the incomprehensibility of Blood Circus 2. As an additional included Bonus, Blood Circus 1 gives you the viewer a separate detailed description that comprehensively shows step by step the actual scenes (movie footage) of Blood Circus 2 that explains to you scene by scene the entire story line of the Blood Circus 2 Wrestling Movie. Without Blood Circus 1, some viewers would find Blood Circus 2, incomprehensible. In other words, after you see Blood Circus 1, Blood Circus 2 will no longer be incomprehensible to you. Promise:
Blood Circus will blow your mind, ring your ears and hypnotize your consciousness. You will walk or craw away, scratching your head and feeling confused.
Both movies will have Santo Gold performing his comedy song "Santo Gold" as seen on National TV hundreds of thousands of times and you will see, hear and experience lots of surprises never seen before.  
Blood Circus 2 is to be released this year also after Blood Circus 1 and also includes Bonus rare footage thought to be lost. Both movies are over one and a half hours long. With the added bonuses, Blood Circus 1 is around 2 hours long
Over 90 minutes of bazaar wacky humor and lunacy with Wrestlers throwing body parts into the audience, See a lady in the audience catch a wrestlers head in her lap and body parts placed everywhere, including in the toilet, trash dumpster's, car trunks, inside soda machines etc. The body parts and heads were actually part of a 90 piece wax museum collection. Wrestlers were being knocked  into outer space and landing back into the ring. People were dancing in the aisles as performers were performing on the stage. Coining the phrase "Rock and Wrestling" The audience was throwing their Hot dogs and sodas at the vendors. Both movies are non stop comedy action, lunacy, insanity, but pure slapstick fun and often incomprehensible unless you have a higher then normal IQ..
They have 3 D sound and Santo phonics. Each thrilling blow by blow and body slams, etc. are so intensified and sound like miniature explosions. Both 1 & 2 are claimed to be shot on SantoVille Earth in The SantoVille Arena in front of thousands of fans who actually paid to get in.
At one point, a wrestler grabbed an electrical technician and threw him into the ring and body slammed him. This would have not been so bad if the wrestling ring was an actual wrestling ring. It was actually a boxing ring that was shipped in by mistake. Each time the wrestlers hit the mat, the springs needed were not there to cushion the slams, it was for real. The ropes around the ring were pushed to their limits. These wrestlers knew that they had 9 motion picture cameras on them and went way beyond the normal limits of wrestling, doing things never seen before. The ropes were stretched to their limits you could hear them breaking like rubber bands as wrestlers up to 450 lbs., were thrown hard against them. The entire audience were scratching fleas off of them. The audience were actually growling and tearing down marques. The Police Department was called as one person was actually chopping down the real metal door of the arena with a real ax. They were invited to attend and also were placed in both movies. 
Over 400,000 feet of 35mm motion picture film was shot with 9 remote control cameras including one on top of the golden Santo Gold ring, looking down at Wrestlers and the huge letters "SANTO GOLD" which were printed on the rings floor. This was enough footage to do 8 full length motion pictures. These movies would probably get a PG13 rating. There is no nudity or foul language, just some blood and pure comedy fun and well choreographed non stop action. The Producers decided to rate it N&E, "For Nuts and Everybody"
The sound tracks, Santo Phonics & 3D sound were developed and created especially for the films and were  running red hot throughout the entire films to shake and vibrate the theatre seats. The amplified Atomic blows and throws went through highs and lows and where no one goes. 20th Century Fox (not connected) proclaimed that it was one of the best sound tracks that they have ever heard. Vibrations and sounds were newly developed so well that Dolby was paid to help incorporate their sound into the movie but was over ridden so Dolby would not allow us to use their name. These Blood Circus Wrestling Movies are so different, you will leave in a daze. The Scream Machine will occasionally be announced on the screen to invite viewers to scream and when to " Shut up". Blood Circus 2 actually has a contest with prizes for you to win that invites you the audience to guess how many times that this one planted lady in the audience actually screams during the incredible match between the Americans and the Russians. See the alien Morads devour 450 lb. VooDo. See the Crying Blonds that had to be practically be pulled into the ring. See the Mummy twirling around the ring as being unwrapped, Watch Vinnie Valentine take on the caged up Dr. Sebastian and the aliens from outer space "The Morads." See The Whip Girl, the nearly 8 ft. Giant and much more. See Baltimore's own Sports Legend, The late Charley Eckman. Don't miss the main event between the Americans and the Russians and how the Americans got the Russians drunk before the main event. 
Parents are encouraged to allow loud babies to attend, as they will not be noticed with all of the non stop Commotion going on. Turn your Volume up and enjoy these most fantastic Bazaar Motion Pictures. Now Comprehensible.
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